East Portland Resilience Coalition


Mission and Purpose statement: 

EPRC is a new community coalition whose mission is to facilitate Community Resilience planning by identifying and prioritizing innovative projects that will benefit the thirteen, diverse neighborhoods of East Portland that are aligned with the East Portland Action Plan (EPAP). EPRC is a new direct action initiative of EPAP that values Community Resilience planning that aligns with the PCEF definition, “Resilience refers to the ability to withstand and recover from disruptions. A resilient community has social and environmental systems that are less vulnerable to disruption and more able to recover and adapt when disruption does occur.”
EPRC formed in late 2020, with the two-year purpose of centering the voices of families and residents of the 13 neighborhoods to increase the capacity of neighborhoods and organizations in East Portland to build Community Resilience in response to disruptive events like the pandemic or environmental disasters. We will develop community projects and prioritize innovative ideas that benefit residents of East Portland. EPRC is a new direct action initiative that values Community Resilience planning that aligns with the advocacy, actions and activities that are in the East Portland Action Plan. All residents, community organizations and agencies are welcome to participate in the public discussion sessions planned for this project. 
EPRC Priority project for 2021:
With a Planning Grant from a Portland Clean Energy Fund, EPRC will conduct a Community Resilience initiative from May 1, 2021 to April 30, 2022. As part of the initiative, we will hold monthly public meetings that center community discussions around the PCEF work-group categories of: • Regenerative agriculture and green infrastructure projects.
• Workforce Green jobs training.
• Innovative programs that reduce greenhouse gases and promote economic, social and 
environmental benefits. 
• Clean energy projects, including renewable energy and energy efficiency programs.
EPRC is devoted to social and environmental justice goals. We will develop a plan for Community Resilience to recover and adapt to future pandemics and disasters that broadly disrupt basic services. Primary activities will include: 
• Collect and record lived experiences from disruptive event in 2020 from individuals and families 
• Identify activities/projects to address impacts on neighborhoods and families 
• Foster collaborative action to create a healthier more resilient neighborhood environment
Benefits of the EPRC initiative will include:
• Prioritized project ideas for PCEF implementation and funding
• A Community Resilience Plan for 13 neighborhoods
• A better understanding of actions taken at the neighborhood level to mitigate disproportionately adverse impacts of 2020
• An increased capacity for volunteer run organizations to apply for funding to further Community 
Resilience, and
• An improved ability of neighborhoods in East Portland to work collaboratively for common