EPAP Candidate Questionnaire

May 2020 Primary Election: Portland Mayor and City Council

In January, 2020, the participating members of EPAP approved five questions to send to all candidates running for Mayor and City Council in the May, 2020, primary election. The candidates were asked to address several issues of concern to East Portland residents, including jobs, housing, and safe streets, and were given the opportunity to share their vision of East Portland's future. Their responses are in the links below.

This election will reshape our City government for years to come. We hope that these responses will help East Portland community members and our allies throughout Portland to cast an informed vote in this important election.


Candidates are listed here in the order in which they appear on the ballot.


Candidates for Mayor

Randy Rapaport did not respond
Teressa Raiford
Bruce Broussard did not respond
Michael Burleson did not respond
Jarred Bepristis did not respond
Willie Banks did not respond
Daniel Hoffman
Lew Humble did not respond
Beryl Sylvia McNair did not respond
Sharon Joy did not respond
Michael Patrick Jenkins did not respond
Ted Wheeler did not respond
Mark White
Michael O'Callaghan (Mike O'C)
Ozzie González
Floyd Heinrich La Bar did not respond
Piper Crowell withdrew
Cash Blanco Carter did not respond
Sarah Iannarone


Candidates for City Commissioner, Position 1

Carmen Rubio
Isham (Ike) Harris did not respond
Alicia McCarthy did not respond
Mary Ann Schwab did not respond
Philip J Wolfe did not respond
Corinne Patel
Timothy DuBois
Cullis (James) Autry did not respond
Candace Avalos


Candidates for City Commissioner, Position 2 (Special Election for the remainder of an unexpired term)

Dan Ryan
Margot Black
Tera Hurst
Aquiles Montas did not respond
Alicea Maurseth did not respond
Loretta Smith did not respond
Ryan A Farmer did not respond
Walter Wesley
Terry Parker
Diana Gutman
Jeff Lang did not respond
Julia DeGraw
Rachelle A Dixon did not respond
James (Jas) Davis
Jack Kerfoot
Sam Chase
Ronault (Polo) Catalani did not respond
Cynthia Castro


Candidates for City Commissioner, Position 4

Kevin McKay did not respond
Mingus Mapps
Robert K MacKay did not respond
Aaron Fancher did not respond
Seth Alan Woolley did not respond
Keith Wilson
Chloe Eudaly
Sam Adams did not respond


Download this full report as a Pdf file (54 pages, 678Kb)


About the questionnaire


Voters: Things to Know

• Important Dates:
Tuesday, April 28 - deadline for new voter registrations, or to change party
Tuesday, May 19 - Election Day, deadline to return ballots

You no longer need a stamp to mail your ballot in Oregon. You DO still need to get it in the mail by May 15th to ensure it is received by the deadline.

• Check your registration and make updates online at: oregonvotes.gov/myvote

• Multnomah County offers free, nonpartisan assistance to voters with barriers to registering or casting a ballot, including language translation and assistance for people with disabilities. Contact them at 503-988-3720 for more information.

• Other questions? Contact Multnomah County Elections at 503-988-3720 or elections@multco.us.