Candidates for Mayor / Daniel Hoffman

1. East Portland is home to 25% of the city’s population, yet has historically been allocated a smaller share of city resources than other areas of town. How will you support equity for East Portland in city investments in transportation, parks, housing and economic development?

If you'll pardon my diversion from your format, I believe I  can address all of those  concerns at once.

First, as a homeless rights activist, nothing has been made more evident to me by my many visits,, participation and testimony here in Portland and throughout the State of Oregon at the "Housing First" meetings, conversations and legislative hearings, that the developers and property management companies have no real or measurable intention to  curve housing and rent prices. Nor have I seen any legislation that adequately protects the rights of tenants within this "housing" or hold accountability to builders, managers or providers within this system. Thus being so, my proposal as City Mayor is to continue every good and faithful effort to lower prices to a real affordable level while simultaneously increasing the living wages of every citizen by inspiring them and providing the resources to  pursue individual life plans. We would do this through micro loan programs that first offer citizens a chance to mentor with experts in whatever business or genre they are pursuing, provide educational forums on business management, technology, and entrepreneurism as well as art and humanities.  I truly believe Portland is primed for a renaissance, furthermore I believe, that if we start investing in "people first" while at the same time unraveling our city government from this behemoth of a monster that was created by developers to create profit off of the poor class and essentially steal the money and good intentions of the tax-payers, then and only them will our city really start to thrive and energize.


2. East Portland lags behind the rest of the city in personal incomes and job opportunities. What will you do to increase the number of family-wage jobs in East Portland?


3. Portland is experiencing a severe housing crisis, and East Portland residents are particularly vulnerable to displacement. What tools will you implement to prevent involuntary displacement of low-income people from East Portland?


4. What is your strategy to bring East Portland’s street infrastructure up to the standard of the rest of the city?


5. If you are elected, what is your vision of East Portland a decade from now? What is your strategy to get us there?


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