Candidates for Mayor / Michael O'Callaghan

1. East Portland is home to 25% of the city’s population, yet has historically been allocated a smaller share of city resources than other areas of town. How will you support equity for East Portland in city investments in transportation, parks, housing and economic development?

Thank you for your invitation to answer your questionnaire. It is a standard “how do you fit in our glove” process. As we all know, there is a change post election.  

The campaign is about ideas, not personalities. Having been a successful activist all of my adult life, I know the best way for ideas to succeed is with massive public support. This is why we are polling Portlanders as to which of the four housing solutions are liked best. How about clean air solutions?

Many of your questions are based on action. All of our actions are based on values. It is our values you really want the answers to. See the website and compare values.

If you search Mike O’C’s bio and accomplishments, there is no doubt he works for the people!

I can play the personality, which I am, and answer your questions but my desire is to message your members so they can participate in Mayor Mike O’C’s poll.


2. East Portland lags behind the rest of the city in personal incomes and job opportunities. What will you do to increase the number of family-wage jobs in East Portland?


3. Portland is experiencing a severe housing crisis, and East Portland residents are particularly vulnerable to displacement. What tools will you implement to prevent involuntary displacement of low-income people from East Portland?


4. What is your strategy to bring East Portland’s street infrastructure up to the standard of the rest of the city?


5. If you are elected, what is your vision of East Portland a decade from now? What is your strategy to get us there?


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