About This Questionnaire

In January, 2020, the participating members of the East Portland Action Plan drafted a series of questions for candidates running for Mayor and City Council in the May, 2020, primary election. It was agreed that all candidates for Mayor and City Council would be invited to answer questions about East Portland issues and that their answers would be made available to all community members and allies prior to the election. The candidates were asked to address several issues of concern to East Portland residents, including jobs, housing, and safe streets, and were given the opportunity to share their vision of East Portland's future.

A total of 56 candidates filed for Mayor or one of the three available Council seats, including three who subsequently withdrew and one who withdrew and re-filed for a different seat.

All were sent the questionnaire, beginning on Feb 5 (for candidates who had filed by that time) or upon filing their candidacy. The last of these was sent on Mar 13. All were also sent a second copy, which included a reminder of the April 17 due date. These went out between March 20 - 22.

To contact the candidates, we used the email address included in the official candidate filing form to the City of Portland. The nine candidates who did not submit an email address were contacted by US Mail.

Questionnaire Instructions to candidates

Notes of candidate contacts and responses      



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