EPAP Bike-related Action Items

Action Items from East Portland Action Plan, Feb 2009

CB.1.4 Organize walking or biking tours throughout the neighborhood

T.3 Increase safety and accessibility of bicycling in East Portland

T.3.1 Install striped bike lanes on all major arterials throughout East Portland; prioritize areas with gaps in the bike network.

T.3.2 Increase street sweeping on arterials with bike lanes and paths.

T.3.3 Develop a complete and more well-defined bike system plan for East Portland; consider/incorporate safety innovations such as divided bike lanes, "bike boxes", path systems.

T.3.4 Improve and promote the Springwater Corridor trail as commuting route; consider adding trailheads/parking.

T.3.5 Provide bike outreach info with an East Portland focus.

T.3.6 Assess bike safety issues in key areas - Mall 205, Lents, and Division Street; implement improvements.

Additional Action Items from EPAP Meetings:

A. I-205 Multi Use Path Improvements. The Bike Sub-Committee will assign a representative advocate and provide support and endorsements as appropriate. (Jim Chasse has volunteered to be the representative advocate for the I-205 MUP)

M. Safer Routes to School support. The Bike Sub-Committee will incorporate this into their responsibilities.

N. Create Bike & Walk Master Plans for East Portland and each neighborhood. The Bike Sub-Committee will incorporate this into their responsibilities.