EPAP Committees


Committees & Representatives
East Portland Action Plan (EPAP) Committees & Representatives demonstrate the work being done by the community through the EPAP. Everyone is welcome to Committee meetings. Healthy food from local businesses is provided. Please, request childcare and language interpretation as needed to support your participation.
New members and proposals for new Representatives and Committees are always welcome! You must have attended at least two general East Portland Action Plan meetings, signed a Participation Agreement, and request time on the general meeting agenda to be approved as a Representative or to establish a Committee.
If you want committee meeting dates, times, locations, and contacts, or the list of EPAP issue-specific Representatives and contact information, please open the attached EPAP Committees & Representatives document located at the bottom of the page and to the left. The following is a list of each Committee by name and purpose.
East Portland Action Plan (EPAP) general meeting: Purpose - To coordinate advocacy for implementation of the East Portland Action Plan.
EPAP ChairsPurpose - To plan and organize the EPAP.
EPAP Civic Engagement SubcommitteePurpose - To organize multi-cultural/language appropriate Civic Engagement workshop curriculum and advocate for ongoing funding.
EPAP Communications CommitteePurpose - To provide communication support (materials and web page development, and translation/interpretation) to the EPAP.
EPAP Economic Development SubcommitteePurpose - To develop a strong business environment which strengthens existing businesses, promotes new businesses, and expands family wages jobs in East Portland.
EPAP Grants Review CommitteePurpose - To provide EPAP granting opportunities with direction, review, and selection.
EPAP Housing: Purpose - To find common ground in supporting a range of housing types in East Portland as a means to strengthen livable communities; encourage healthy, complete, and stable neighborhoods; and promote family wage jobs.
EPAP OperationsPurpose - To function as an EPAP decision making body in time-sensitive situations and to develop and execute EPAP strategy.
EPAP Structures CommitteePurpose - To plan and organize the function & process of the EPAP.
EPAP Technical Advisory CommitteePurpose - To work collaboratively to implement Action items and to coordinate website reports of agency progress on specific Action items.