Past EPAPbike Events

Please Note: While a signed waiver is required for all EPAP tours, helmets (mandatory by Oregon law for all riders under age 16) and a positive attitude are also encouraged. Most tours are 2-3 hours long, with several stops, and educational lectures by local community experts.


April 7th, Saturday, 1pm, Safe Routes to School Spring Kick-Off!, at Russell Acadamy. 2 miles in the Russell neighborhood. 23 participants.

May 5th, Saturday, 10 am to Noon: The Good, the Bad, and the Unimproved - The Mean Streets of East Portland, Part One. The ride starts and ends at Coffee's On, 9738 SE Washington St # L, Portland, OR 97216, at the 205 Place shopping strip. 10 miles & 15 gravel sections in Hazelwood, Mill Park, Powellhurst-Gilbert, Lents, & Montevilla. 6 riders.

May 16th, Wednesday morning, 6 am to 8 am, Breakfast on the 205-Burnside Bridge event. Over 30 folks stopped by.

June 9th, Saturday, bike tour of six community gardens in East Portland, with 9 bike-gardeners!

July 26th, Saturday, Gateway Green Bike Tour, 4 participants.

August 4th, 10 am, Saturday, For a Fistful of (Gas Tax) Dollars EPAPbike Tour. Leaving from Lincoln Park (SE 135th Ave & SE Mill St), this 14 mile loop features some of the newest bike facilities in both East Portland and Gresham, as well as several upcoming projects. 4 pairs of fists came.

September 30th, 11 am to 5 pm, Sunday Parkways in East Portland. 14,200 people passed through!

October 27th, Noon, Saturday, Spooktacular Halloween EPAPbike Ride, 5 miles through two cemetaries in Parkrose & Argay. 5 riders and two trick-or-treaters.


May 21, Saturday, 1-3 pm, GABA Fun-O-Rama Bike Ride, NE 111th & Halsey (had 30 participants)

May 22, Sunday, 11am - 4pm, PBOT East Portland Sunday Parkways, from Lents & Ed Benedict parks (12,000 attended)

June 25th, Saturday, 9am, Jim's June Tree Ride. Meet at the Green Line Main Street Station, 1119 SE 96th. We'll see Big Trees, Little Trees, Concrete and Metal Trees! (had 7 participants)

July 30th, Saturday, 9am, Dave's Topiary Tour, meet at East Portland Community Center parking lot, SE 106th, south of Stark Street. (3 people showed up)

August 25th, Thursday, 6pm, the Second Annual Equity Ride, begins at the corner of SE 92nd & Steele Street, in Lents Park. 6.5 miles. Co-sponsored with ODOT, Trimet, PBOT, and many other community groups and organizations. (about 145 attendees)

September 10th, Saturday, 12:30-2:30 pm (after the flag event), Gateway EcoDistrict Ride, begins and ends at 111th Square, NE Halsey & 111th Ave, 6 miles through the Gateway District. (dozen there)

October 1st, Saturday, 9am - 1pm, 3rd annual EPAP Sacred Spaces ride, from Eastminster Chuch at 12505 NE Halsey, lead by the Rev. Brian Heron, back from his pilgramage bike tour! (three riders)


- Planning Loop EPAP Bike Tour, Sat May 8, David Hampsten (ride leader), 9:30 AM, from Lincoln Park, SE Mill St at 135th Ave. Explore the built environment of East Hazelwood, Centennial, Glenfair, & Wilkes neighborhoods with a former nameless faceless planner! Details: 8.1 miles, one moderate hill, route either on bike lanes on major arterials or on low-volume residential streets, including one short block of gravel & potholes. We had 9 participants.

- Art Along the I-205 MUP EPAP Bike Tour, Sat June 19, Jim Chasse is the ride leader, 9:30 AM from Ed Benedict Park, SE 104th & Bush St, at the Memory Gardens. Enjoy innovative art at various stations along the Green Line while riding the I-205 MUP through the Powellhurst-Gilbert, Hazelwood, & Lents neighborhoods! Details: Neighborhood streets & off-street multi-use paths, 11.5 miles, fairly flat, all paved. We had 16 participants.

- East Portland Sunday Parkways, Sunday, July 18, 10:00 AM to 3:00 PM, in the Lents & Powellhurst-Gilbert neighborhoods. 3000+ riders participated.

- Parkrose Farmer's Market EPAP Bike Tour, Sat Aug 14, Katie Larsell (ride leader), 9:30 AM in the Parkrose Middle School parking lot (across the street from the Parkrose Farmers Market), 11800 NE Shaver. Take a loop ride to the Columbia River - then return to the market for music, lunch, & shopping! 8 miles, mostly flat multi-use paths and residential streets. 9 riders participated.

- MAX Blue Line Event, Wednesday, August 18, at the Gateway Station, 102nd & Burnside Station, 122nd & Burnside Station, 148th & Burnside Station, and at the 162nd & Burnside Station.

- The Equity Bike Ride on Thursday Aug 26 2010 at 6:30 pm, with our co-sponsors ODOT, Friends of Trees, and the Community Cycling Program. 65 riders participated.

- Volcano EPAP Bike Tour, Sat Sept 18, 9:30 AM, Ed Benedict Park, SE 104th & Bush St, at Memory Gardens. Through the Powellhurst-Gilbert, Lents, & Hazelwood neighborhoods. 11 miles. 9 participants.

- Sacred Spaces EPAP Bike Tour, Sat Oct 2, Brian Heron (ride leader), 9:30 AM, Eastminster Presbyterian Church, 12505 NE Halsey St. A spiritual experience of some of the sacred spaces of Russell, Parkrose Heights, Parkrose, Argay, & Wilkes neighborhoods! Take a tour through Outer NE Portland and experience some of the “sacred spaces” of our community.  Using residential streets, bike routes and bike paths, we will visit eight places, including Buddhist and Christian sites, sacred tree groves, a Ghost Bike, and the Parkrose Community Peace Labyrinth. 10 participants.

- Hot chocolate on the bridge, Wednesday evening, December 15, 2010, 4:30-6:30 PM, at the Burnside/205 Bridge. Co-sponsored by ODOT, PBOT Options, Friends of Trees, & EPNO.

- EPAPbike, as part of our ongoing efforts to promote better biking in East Portland, invites you to join us on our last bike tour for 2010, on Saturday, Dec 18, starting at 10am, from Coffee's On, 9738 SE Washington St # L, in the same red brick strip-mall facing I-205 as Kinkos/Fedex, near Mall 205, with access from the SE 99th & SE Stark/Washington bike lanes and just north of the Main Street MAX Green Line stop. The route winds through the Hazelwood, Mill Park, Powellhurst-Gilbert, Pleasant Valley, & Centennial neighborhoods, as well as several pleasant residential areas and scenic vistas, especially Powell Butte, along several proposed and current bikeways. The route, 12.72 miles, is mostly flat, with a few small hills, and includes some small sections of bike lanes on arterials, many low-traffic residential streets, some narrow roadways, and the Springwater bike path.