Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the most common questions we recieve for EPAP Grants. Please note these do not apply to our Community Support Fund. For those questions please email jr.lilly2@portlandoregon,gov. 


What kinds of projects are funded by the East Portland Action Plan?

Projects funded by the East Portland Action Plan cover a broad range of activities representative of the intersectionality of the Action Plan. Projects must address at least one East Portland Action Plan strategy or item. Action Plan strategies have letters followed by one number (e.g. A.1) and Action items have letters followed by two numbers (e.g. A.1.1) You can find the Action Plan document by visiting: .

Where can a project take place?

All East Portland Action Plan grant dollars must be spent within the boundaries of East Portland, and serve people living in East Portland. If you have funding from other groups, that funding does not have to be used in East Portland. The East Portland Action Plan should be able to read your application and say, “the funding asked for in this application will directly be used within East Portland and will primarily serve East Portland community members."

Here is an official map of East Portland boundaries: 

How much money can I apply for?

There is a limit to grant funds requested. 

Can I apply for a funding opportunity without having a specific amount requested from EPAP?

Application requests have to have a specific request amount, and that number has to be included on the application Cover Page. The amount of funding requested should take into consideration the overall project size, project complexity, organization size, and other funding sources. If you are unsure about what amount to request, you can contact us at,gov. 

What items are required from a funding recipient in order to receive funds?

Fiscal sponsors must provide the following when told that their project is recommended for funding by the Grants Review Committee.

A.  Current eligibility as a State of Oregon Corporation Division with registration as a nonprofit corporation or business:

B. Business registration MUST be completed with the City of Portland through Buyspeed. Registration is free of charge.
BuySpeed vendor portal:

Instructions on how to register on the BuySpeed vendor portal is located at:

Please be sure to enter your vendor name and address exactly as it is displayed on your federal tax ID and have your corresponding federal tax ID number ready for entry. If you have any questions, please contact Procurement Services at (503) 823-5047 or

C. General Liability Insurance covering bodily injury, personal injury, property damage, including coverage for independent contractor’s protection in a per-occurrence limit of not less than $1,000.000 and aggregate limit of not less than $2,000,000

D. Certificate of Workers Compensation statement document signed or a signed Independent Contractor’s Statement (form available at: Independent Contractor's workers comp form Jan 2013.pdf).

I want to apply for a grant, but I do not have a nonprofit or business that can serve as a fiscal sponsor. What should I do?

East Portland Action Plan accepts applications that have a fiscal sponsor. If you need assistance with finding a fiscal sponsor, contact Grants Manager jr.lilly2@portlandoregon,gov. 

Can I schedule an appointment to meet with East Portland Action Plan staff before applying for a funding opportunity?

Yes. You are encouraged to individually contact the East Portland Action Plan Grant Manager with any question and for support and input on your grant application. We also hold in-person sessions in anticipation of funding opportunities. We encourage you to participate in one of these to learn more, because others often raise questions that provide answers that you didn't know you needed to know.

When are East Portland Action Plan funding applications due?

East Portland Action Plan funding applications are open for a six-week period. You can find out your current deadline by visiting:

How do I submit an application?

Applications can be submitted in any language by email, in person, or by mail to:
jr.lilly2@portlandoregon,gov or
East Portland Action Plan
1017 NE 117th Ave., Portland, OR 97220
(117th between Halsey + Glisan at the foot of the water tower)

How does the East Portland Action Plan decide who will get a grant?

Funding is awarded through a competitive process. Grant applications are reviewed by the community-based EPAP Grant Review Committee. Each application is individually scored using the “Narrative Application” items to be addressed on Pages 7 – 8 of this application packet. These narrative questions provide the committee with a consistent way to score and fund projects. The maximum amount of points available per question is identified after each item.

When can we expect to hear back from East Portland Action Plan after we submit our application?

After the submission deadline, the EPAP Grants Review Committee will meet to discuss the project scores and assess the projects. They will develop a final recommendation that will go before the next EPAP General Meeting for approval. Portland City Council is then required to approve the recommendations before the grant awards are finalized.

My organization currently has an active funding opportunity with East Portland Action Plan. Are we eligible to apply for additional funds?

If you have current funding from the East Portland Action Plan, you are eligible to apply for new funding opportunities as long as your organization is still in good standing. Your organization is considered in good standing if it is on track to complete its project as described in the funded contractt, and has completed the interim and final grant report by the announced deadlins.

Can I get a grant if English is not my first language?

Applications can submitted in any language by email, in person, or by mail. Applications can also be handwritten.

What are “leveraged funds?”

Leveraged Funds includes additional dollars supporting this project—for example, additional grants, direct support from your organization, or volunteer support.

Can hours donated by volunteers be used as “leveraged funds?”

Donated services and time can include estimated dollar amount of in-kind donations and/or general volunteer hours at $24.15 per hour. For professional or skilled volunteer work, visit to identify a median per hour volunteer rate.

What’s the best way to contact East Portland Action Plan with funding opportunity questions?

If you have any questions, you can contact Grants Manager, 

Email: jr.lilly2@portlandoregon,gov. 

What kinds of activities do you not fund?

Funds cannot be used for:
1. Costs that may be incurred in preparing this application.
2. Direct social services or emergency services (such as giving people things for personal needs and use: food baskets, health          clinic services, staff providing direct services to individuals).
3. Ongoing general organizational support (such as rent or utilities).
4. Direct grants, scholarships or loans for the benefit of specific individuals.
5. Loans or debt retirement for the organization (paying bills existing before the grant is awarded).
6. Organization annual appeals to request for funds, or general fund drives.
7. Activities held outside the boundaries of the East Portland Coalition Office district area.

If I have a separate project, can I use a fiscal sponsor who also applies for a East Portland Action Plan grant in the same year?

Yes. As long as the project is a unique/separate project that is organized by a distinct group or individual, you can use a fiscal sponsor who is also applying for the same East Portland Action Plan funding opportunity.

What is the best way to keep up to date about funding opportunities?

You can email to be added to an email list for funding notifications.

How can I learn more about grant writing?

You are strongly encouraged to attend an East Portland Action Plan Grant Support Session. These sessions answer questions about the application, the committee review process, and respond to questions about your project. When you meet with other grant applicants, questions you never thought of, but need to know about are asked and answered. You can also visit for additional resources.