February 2018

February 15th, 2018

Below: Take Action (10); Announcements (24); $ (32); and Jobs (21).

What have you done to move the Action Plan forward? It is easy to let people know by adding to the Action Plan Updates that everyone can look at: http://eastportlandactionplan.org/updates

Arabic, Español, Russian, and English language EPAP “Welcome Statement”: http://tinyurl.com/Arabic-Welcome-statement ; http://tinyurl.com/Bienvenido-Espanol ; http://tinyurl.com/Russian-Welcome ; and http://tinyurl.com/English-Welcome-statement   


1. Metro Survey: What should the transportation system do for greater Portland? By February 17th, take 5-7 minutes to share your thoughts through the online survey: Go to the survey

·         Find out more and explore an interactive map projects at oregonmetro.gov/2018projects

·         Send comments by email to transportation@oregonmetro.gov or mail to Planning and Development, 600 NE Grand Avenue, Portland, OR 97232.  

The 2018 Regional Transportation Plan will establish priorities for state, federal and regional funding and help set the stage for the new and expanded options for people and products to get where they need to go. Projects are submitted by city, county, regional and state partners and evaluated for what they will do for the people and businesses of greater Portland. What things are most important to you?

Your input will be shared with policymakers as they work together to provide direction on finalizing the project priorities to be included in the 2018 Regional Transportation Plan. Find out more about the RTP at oregonmetro.gov/rtp.

2. State Representative Alissa Keny-Guyer Constituent Coffee: Sunday, Feb 18, 2-3:30pm at Mocha Express, 1951 SE 82nd Ave. Representative Keny-Guyer is the Chair of the Human Services and Housing Committee. She has updates on many bills to share and she wants your perspective.

3. Enhanced Transit Corridors Plan ETC Plan Final Public Open HouseMonday, February 19, from 5:30 PM – 7:30 PM at Montavilla United Methodist Church, 232 SE 80TH AVE PORTLAND, OR 97215. Arriving by transit? Nearby transit lines: 15, 20 and 72. Presentation at 6 PM. Otherwise, you are welcome to drop in anytime to review materials at your own pace. Light refreshments to be provided.

Learn and provide feedback on the Draft ETC plan recommendations and the new Regional ETC pilot program. ETC Plan website: www.portlandoregon.gov/transportation/etcplan   

To request language interpretation, please call 503-823-6177.

Para solicitar intérprete, por favor llame al 503-823-6177.


Если вам необходимы услуги переводчика, звоните по телефону 503-823-6177.

Muốn yêu cầu thông dịch viên, vui lòng gọi số 503-823-6177.

4. Oregon Transportation Commission invites Oregonians to Apply for Newly Formed State Advisory Committee: http://www.portlandoregon.gov/?c=60027&a=671007. Applications are due Monday, February 19 by midnight. Information on the committee is available on ODOT’s website (http://www.oregon.gov/odot/get-involved/Pages/continuous-improvement-committee.aspx.) The website includes: Background on the application process, including member roles, desired attributes and how to apply. A draft charterAn application.  ODOT staff is available to answer questions and can be reached at CIACadmin@odot.state.or.us. This important committee was created by the Oregon Legislature in the recent transportation funding bill, HB 2017. The committee will advise the Commission on how to improve the Oregon Department of Transportation by recommending ways to make the agency more efficient, recommending measures to gauge the agency’s performance, and addressing audits.

5. Bureau of Development Services Development Review Advisory Committee Position Open: Seeking someone to represent Small Businesses. Contact Mark Fetters (503-823-1028 or mark.fetters@portlandoregon.gov). http://www.portlandoregon.gov/?c=60027&a=672500

6. Portlanders Stand With Refugees: March 16th at 6 PM at East Portland Community Center, 740 SE 106th Ave. Free. Please join us as we come together to welcome, honor, heal, and celebrate. This will be a fun evening of LIVE STAGE PERFORMANCES about what it means to be a refugee, immigrant, and Muslim in Portland. There will also be performances of different cultural music and dances. We will have food carts on site serving throughout the evening. We invite you to have dinner here in the outdoor courtyard. We welcome all Portlanders, of all ages, especially refugee and immigrant families.
We are looking for volunteers to help make this event as great as possible. We hope to have volunteers who can set up (starting at 2:30pm) and volunteers who can help out during the event (6-9 pm), as well as volunteers who can tear down afterwards (staying approximately until 9:30pm). If you are interested in volunteering in any of these time slots, please contact Som Subedi at som.subedi@portlandoregon.gov.

7. City of Portland Planning and Sustainability Commission (PSC) Youth Commissioner Position: Applications will be reviewed by Bureau of Planning and Sustainability and the Mayor's office staff beginning on March 16. Staff and leadership will conduct interviews of top candidates in April, and a final selection and appointment will be made by the Mayor. We expect the start date for the new member will be in early June. The Youth Commissioner must be 18-25 years old at the time of their appointment, serves for a 2-year term, and has all the responsibilities, voting permissions and opportunities as other PSC members. Applications, as for all City commissions, will go through the Office of Neighborhood Involvement.

8. Better Housing by Design Draft Zoning Code Amendments Discussion Draft and Residential Outdoor Spaces Workshop: Comments on the Discussion Draft are due by March 19, 2018. The Discussion Draft of proposed zoning code and map amendments for Portland’s multi-dwelling zones is now available for review. The code proposals are based on ideas from the Better Housing by Design Concept Report, which was shaped by public discussions over the past year. They are intended to better implement 2035 Comprehensive Plan policies and to improve development outcomes in the multi-dwelling zones. Related documents: Summary Handout – short summary of the proposals.

Volume 1: Staff Report – summary and analysis of the draft code and map amendments.

Volume 2: Zoning Code Amendments – detailed zoning code text and commentary.

East Portland Workshop on Residential Outdoor Spaces: March 14th, 6 to 8 p.m. at 16126 SE Stark Street (Rosewood Initiative Space). TriMet:  Bus #20, MAX Blue line. This workshop will include a focus on discussing the merits of a proposal for deep rear setbacks in East Portland, intended to keep the centers of the area’s large blocks greener and less built up (the centers of these blocks are sometimes also the location of groves of Douglas fir trees). However, some community members have raised concerns that it is more important to have outdoor spaces located at the center of housing developments, surrounded by and close to residential units, instead of being located at rear portions of multi-dwelling properties. If you are interested in participating in this discussion and helping to shape the East Portland residential outdoor spaces proposals, please contact Bill Cunningham: 503-823-4203, betterhousing@portlandoregon.gov.

9. Multnomah County Commission for Economic Dignity (MCCED): This is the community action board for federal anti-poverty programs in Multnomah County. Those interested in joining the MCCED can apply online here. For more information, call 503-988-8109 or e-mail: communityaction@multco.us and learn how to get involved and make a difference by lending your voice to people experiencing poverty in Multnomah County.  

10. Register to Vote: You can register to vote or update your voter registration online! Visit oregonvotes.gov/myvote. Multnomah County Elections wants all voters to be able to vote easily, privately and independently, understand the steps in voting, understand elections rules, and know who to ask for help. http://www.portlandoregon.gov/?c=56136&a=658375


1. Parkrose High School Homeless Project: The need for hygiene supplies, clothing, and funding to support the project is always in need. The Parkrose High School Community Class started a GoFundMe to be ready for next year, their goal is $1000 and they have $25 so far. http://ow.ly/ahr530hZXK9  

2. Photo Exhibition of Human Solutions Shelter at 160th and SE Stark: At the Central Library is the: Now until February 25th:


3. Longtime and Displaced Residents of N/NE Portland Receive Preference for New Affordable Rental Housing in NE Portland: Apply online here between Thursday, February 8, 2018 and Thursday, February 22, 2018, or contact the Portland Housing Bureau to have an application sent to you in the mail. Learn more. Portland Housing Bureau NOW accepting N/NE Preference applications for two new apartment communities coming soon to North and Northeast Portland. Learn more about Charlotte B. Rutherford Place and The Beatrice Morrow at www.portlandoregon.gov/phb/preference. Preference will be given to applicants who have been displaced, are at risk of displacement, or whose families were displaced due to urban renewal in N/NE Portland. Learn more

4. Portland Parks & Recreation Has Swim Sessions on President’s Day Holiday: February 19th at

East Portland Community Center Pool, 740 SE 106th Ave: 11:30 AM – 1:00 PM = Family Swim; 1:00 – 4:00 PM = Open Swim; and 7:00 – 9:00 PM = Open Swim. Admission is:   $4.00 youth; $4.50 seniors/teens; $5.75 adults. Open swims are for all ages. Non-swimmers and children under 48 inches tall must be supervised in the water by an adult swimmer. During Family Swim sessions, children must be accompanied in the water by their parent or guardian.

5. Lynchview Park Playground - Comments Wanted: Comments due 9am, Tuesday, February 20Comment Form:  https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/CQV865T -  Presentation Boards: https://www.portlandoregon.gov/parks/article/672753 - Project Pagehttps://www.portlandoregon.gov/parks/73739.

6. ROSE Community Development Corporation (CDC) Survey: The survey will stay open until February 20th. Please take a few minutes to share what you know: https://www.research.net/r/rosecommunity The survey takes less than five minutes and results will be used by ROSE to understand how our community views the work we do and how we can community best with our supporters.

7. Free Renters Rights Workshop: February 22nd, 6:00 – 7:30 PM at Midland Library, 805 SE 122nd Ave. Hosted by the Fair Housing Council.

8. Cuộc Họp Mặt Của Cộng Đồng Gateway Green: Tất cả mọi người đều được hoan nghênh! Có các hoạt động cho thiếu nhi và thức ăn được cung cấp! Thứ Bảy, Tháng Hai Ngày 24, 10:00 sáng - 1:00 trưa, Các bài thuyết trình diễn ra vào 10:30 sáng và 12 giờ trưa Immigrant and Refugee Community Organization (IRCO),  10301 NE Glisan Street. HÃY CHIA SẺ SUY NGHĨ CỦA BẠN VỚI CHÚNG TÔI!

Xin ghé ngang để xem bản thiết kế phát thảo,và cho chúng tôi biết suy nghĩ của bạn.

Gateway Green Community Gathering and Open House: Saturday, February 24, 2018; 10am-1pm

Immigrant and Refugee Community Organization (IRCO), 10301 NE Glisan St. This project will develop Gateway Green’s refined park design to: guide natural area restoration, improve pedestrian and bicycle access to and within the site, expand opportunities for a variety of recreation and outdoor activities for people of all ages and abilities, and determine the location of water, power and sewer utility services.

Kulanka Bulshada Gateway Green: Cil kasta way iman kartaa! Ciyaaraha carruurta, iyo cuntaba waa lagu bixinayaa. abti, Febraayo 24, 10:00 subaxnimo – 1:00 duhurnimo, Bandhigyadu waa 10:30 subaxnimo iyo 12 duhurnimo, Immigrant and Refugee Community Organization (IRCO), 10301 NE Glisan Street. NALA WADAAG FIKIRKAAGA! Soo mar si aad u eegto nashqada qabyada ah,

oo noo sheeg sidaad u aragto.

Gateway Green Reunión comunitaria: ¡Todos son bienvenidos! Habrá actividades infantiles y comida. Sábado, 24 de febrero, 10:00am - 1:00pm, Presentaciones a las 10:30 a.m. y 12 p.m.

Immigrant and Refugee Community Organization (IRCO),  10301 NE Glisan Street. ¡COMPARTA SUS OPINIONES CON NOSOTROS! Venga para ver un borrador del diseño y compartir su opinión.

9. Free Yard Signs Promote 20 mph Speed Limits: The City is providing FREE “20 is plenty” yard signs and bumper stickers to raise awareness about Portland’s new 20 mph residential speed limit. Thank you for supporting safe streets by promoting the new speed limit and by driving 20 mph or less on our residential streets! Yard sign pick-up times and locations are:

  • Feb. 24, 9:30-2:30 p.m., Madison High School, 2735 NE 82nd
  • March 3, noon-4 p.m., Midland Library, 805 SE 122nd
  • March 10, noon-4 p.m., Zenger Farm, 11741 SE Foster

In an effort to increase safety, speed limits on Portland’s residential streets are dropping to 20 miles per hour following a recent Portland City Council decision. The new speed limit will take effect citywide by April 1, 2018. The 20 mph speed limit is part of Portland’s Vision Zero work to eliminate traffic deaths and serious injuries. A pedestrian hit by a driver at 25 mph is nearly twice as likely to die compared to someone hit at 20 mph.PBOT is doubling the number of residential speed limit signs, installing approximately 2,000 across the city. Not every residential street will have a speed limit sign, but the 20 mph speed limit will be in effect on all residential streets. View a map of 20 mph residential streets and get more details on yard signs at http://visionzeroportland.com.

10. City of Portland Fix-it Fairs! FREE. February 24, 2018, 8:30 AM – 3:00 PM at Madison High School, 2735 NE 82nd Ave. The fair is free event where people can learn simple ways to save money and connect with community resources, with many workshops available in Spanish. If your organization is interested in attending any or all of the fairs to spread the word about your services, please contact marygay.broderick@portlandoregon.gov.

11. Zenger Farms Free Community Dinner: Tuesday, February 27th @ 6 - 8 pm at 11741 SE Foster Road. Anyone who would like to sign up for this dinner right now can register here

12. Invention Bootcamp: Free STEM Camp for High School Students: Applications are due Friday, March 2nd. Give your students an early advantage by encouraging them to apply as soon as possible. More info can be found here. Portland State University has just opened applications for its 2017-18 Invention Bootcamp program, a month-long, immersive invention experience for high school students of all backgrounds and experience levels to gain technical skills; form critical connections with college mentors, professors and industry professionals; and collaborate with peers from across the state.

13. East Portland Police Precinct Neighborhood Training - Community Response to Livability Issues: Saturday, March 10th, Time: 10am-12pm at East Precinct Community Room, 737 SE 106th Ave. Sergeant Teig provides knowledge to community stakeholders on how to engage City, County and State Government for the benefit of their community. Please RSVP to Stacey Vu at Stacey.vu@portlandoregon.gov, as well as to ask for more information.

14. Gilbert Primary Park New Playground Input Needed: This park is located at SE 134th Avenue and Foster Rd, adjacent to Gilbert Park Elementary School in the Powellhurst-Gilbert and Pleasant Valley neighborhoods. Thanks to the voter-supported Parks Replacement Bond, help us shape the future of Gilbert Primary Park playgroundWe need the community's help to decide what it will look like. This spring, there will be multiple opportunities for the community to give input. Portland Parks & Recreation staff will be attending Gilbert Park Elementary events in March and April to introduce the project and get early input about the community's hopes and desires for the playground. There will be two community meetings in May and June to get input on draft designs. We hope you will join us! March 13 - 6:30-7:30pm: Gilbert Park Elementary PTA meeting; April 19 - 6pm - 8:00pm: Gilbert Park Elementary Multicultural Night; May: Community Gathering #1 (date to be decided (TBD)); and June: Community Gathering #2 (date TBD) As part of the pre-design work, contractors will be in the park in the next few weeks to do geotechnical and survey work, so you may see some activity and equipment present. More info at https://www.portlandoregon.gov/parks/76167

15. East Portland Neighborhood Office (EPNO) Survey: Please take the before March 15, 2018 click here. East Portland’s greatest asset is the diversity of communities that live, work, play, and come together here. Our mission at the East Portland Neighborhood Office (EPNO) is to support the community building and advocacy activities for a thriving East Portland. Right now, we are pursuing a new name, new slogan, and image to better represent all the work we do in East Portland, including East Portland Community and Advocacy Programs, East Portland Action Plan, and East Portland Neighbors. If you'd like to be entered into our giveaway, go to our Facebook page and follow the instructions there. Thank you for helping us reach our mission and working with us to make sure our programs and resources are inclusive and accessible to all East Portlanders!

16. FREE Citizenship Class Presented by SOAR Immigration Legal Services: Sundays, March 18 to June 17 12:30 PM to 3:30 PM at Rockwood Library, 17917 SE Stark St. Portland, OR 97233. Prepare to become a U.S. citizen. Join anytime! All are welcome! Study English reading, writing, speaking, and U.S. history for the USCIS naturalization exam and interview. Receive free study materials. Learn important skills for your interview.

17. Lents Youth Initiative (LYI) Applications for the 2018 Youth Empowerment Series Training: Applications are due March 23. Register herewww.rosecdc.org/LYI. The Youth Empowerment Series will be held in April 2018. Lents Youth Initiative is a program for youth ages 14-19 who live in Lents and surrounding neighborhoods. The Youth Empowerment Series offers 30+ hours of leadership training, environmental justice, and career development. In the summer, up to 20 interns are selected to lead projects with partner organizations and collectively contribute hundreds of hours to projects that benefit the neighborhood.

18. 9th Annual Spring Break Young Filmmakers Camp: March 26-30, 2018, 9 am to 4 pm at Gesthemane, 11560 SE Market St. To register, email: info@freearts.org. In addition, please let us know if you are interested in volunteering.

19. Mt. Hood Community College (MHCC) Foundation’s Scholarship: Current and potential MHCC students can apply online up until March 31: mhcc.edu/Scholarships.  In 2017, the Foundation awarded $411,000, resulting in scholarships for approximately a third of all applicants. A similar number of available scholarships is expected for 2018-19. To learn more for a 2018-19 scholarship from the MHCC Foundation, current and potential students can visit Mt. Hood Community College Foundation’s.

20. Outgrowing Hunger Community Garden Plots Available: We have updated our website and online store to make it super-easy to renew your plot, or register for the first time.  Just go to http://outgrowinghunger.org/gardens and click "Register for a Plot". 

21. Division Midway Alliance Events at 11721 SE Division:

DMA Board Meeting – DMA’s board meets the 4th Thursday of the month at 5:30 pm at 11721 SE Division.
PSU Business Outreach Office Hours - Every Wednesday, 9am to 12pm. PSU offers FREE Professional business technical assistance.  

Social Services Network Community Office Hours - Every Wednesday & Thursday, 3:00-7:00pm – DMA hosts Community Office Hours.

22. Things Happening at Rosewood Initiative, 16126 SE STARK ST. or call (503) 208-2562:

Every Week:

NEED HELP STARTING OR GROWING YOUR BUSINESS? Wednesdays from 1 p.m. to 4 p.m. with Liz Feldman from PSU Business Outreach Program.
SE WORKS EMPLOYMENT SERVICES! Monday thru Friday from 1 p.m. to 5 p.m. Services available to job seekers, employers & youth that are designed to strengthen our local and regional economy. Stephanie McDonald Cell - (971) 322-4546
REAP YOUTH LEADERSHIP! Thursdays from 3 p.m. - 5:00 p.m. Ages 10-15. Do you want to grow as a leader? Do you want to share your voice? Do you want to be the change?
ZUMBA: Wednesdays from 10:30 am - 11:30 am at Freedom Foursquare Church until remodel is finished. FREE Zumba classes with Lydia from Portland Parks & Rec every week!

ENGLISH CLASS: Study English for FREE with RIHO on Mondays 5-7pm

SNACK AND STORY: 10am-Noon, snacks provided! Join our wonderful volunteers for interactive reading with children!

THE WELCOME CENTER: Where refugees and immigrants can build long-term relationships, craft a resume, access community resources and services, and attend English or citizenship classes. There has never been a more crucial time to show hospitality to refugees and immigrants. To volunteer, please contact Lindsey at lindsey.boulais@iteams.org.

THE ROSEWOOD MUSIC PROGRAM offers full-scholarship music lessons for youth in the Rosewood community.  Current openings include violin and cello lessons on Mondays and flute on Thursdays.   Beginners from age 4 for strings and 9 for winds are welcome. Instrument loan is included.  To apply, visit communitymusiccenter.org/rosewood, or call 503-679-5879.

23. Multnomah County Community Resource List: www.multco.us/sites/default/files/health/documents/community_resource_list.pdf

24. Midland Library Events: Visit Library Events (https://multcolib.org/events ) for complete, up-to-the-minute information. Find us on Facebook and Twitter.

$ (21)

1. Invention Bootcamp: Free STEM Camp for High School Students: Applications are due Friday, March 2nd. Give your students an early advantage by encouraging them to apply as soon as possible. More info can be found here. Portland State University has opened applications for its 2017-18 Invention Bootcamp program, a month-long, immersive invention experience for high school students of all backgrounds and experience levels to gain technical skills; form critical connections with college mentors, professors and industry professionals; and collaborate with peers from across the state. 

2. Metro’s 2018 Nature in Neighborhoods Nature Education and Outdoor Experiences: March 6, 2018 Deadline. Metro’s Nature in Neighborhood nature education and outdoor experiences grants support programs. With the goal of building cultural, environmental and economic equity, these grants provide communities of color and underserved communities educational opportunities, work training, organizational development and the chance to get out and spend meaningful time in nature. The nature education and outdoor experiences grants program will award $700,000 this year. Two-year grants are up to $30,000, while three-year grants can be up to $100,000. Groups throughout greater Portland are encouraged to apply. Click HERE to learn more about Metro nature education and outdoor experiences grants and fill out a simple application. To learn more and ask questions, contact the grants coordinator, Crista Gardner, at Crista.Gardner@oregonmetro.gov.

3. R.I.S.E. Fellowship Application: Radical Indigenous Survivance & Empowerment (R.I.S.E) Artist Fellowship Deadline: March 9th, 2018, 11:59pm PST. Eligibility: I will be 18 years or older on March 9th, 2018. I am affiliated with an Indigenous tribe and dedicated to an Indigenous community. This is an autonomous, self-funded artist/activist initiative awarding a $1,000 unrestricted Artist Fellowship to an Indigenous Queer, Gender Gradient/Non-Conforming, Trans, and Two-Spirit artist or poet. On the Rez, beyond the Rez, beyond the border of male or female or homo/heterosexual! Let’s evolve and reclaim our Indigenous sexualities and gender systems! Let’s infiltrate our Native communities with Queer lust, passion, love, art, poetry, and ceremony! Email @riseindigenous for more questions and concerns: burymyart@gmail.com

4. City of Portland Housing Bureau Seeks Proposals to Build More Affordable Homes: No due date. Calling all developers, property owners and their representatives: We are seeking proposals to purchase land or existing multifamily residential buildings that can be developed into affordable homes. We’re accepting proposals on a rolling basis—check out our request for interest to find out more.

5. Proposals From Real Estate Brokers + Other Professionals for Brokerage Related Services Sought from Portland Housing Bureau (PHB): Proposal review begins March 15, 2018: PHB is seeking proposals from real estate brokers in furtherance of Housing Bond goals, supportive of PHB's mission, and willing and able to provide regular listings and potential leads for land and/or buildings for sale with the City of Portland. PHB is particularly interested in building relationships with a diverse network of brokers. The City values and supports diversity and is dedicated to advancing equity by increasing opportunities for Disadvantaged Business, Minority Owned, Women Owned, and Emerging Small Business enterprises (D/M/W/ESB). Click here to learn more. Full solicitation:  www.portlandoregon.gov/phb/brokersrfi

6. Meyer Memorial Trust 2018 Annual Funding Opportunity, the Housing Opportunities Portfolio or How to Apply for Funding: Attend one of our in-person or virtual information sessions in March and April to learn more about our grantmaking. For more details about the info sessions visit mmt.org/infosessions.

7. Metro Regional Travel Options Sponsorship Funds to Promote Walking, Biking, Taking Transit and rideshare: Available until funding is spent. Applicants must apply no less than 60 days prior to the funding need. Applications are accepted online. The maximum sponsorship is $5,000. Awards over $3,500 must meet Federal Transportation Purchasing requirements. Only one funded project per fiscal year (July to June). Program staff tries to respond within 15 business days to all requests. To request a paper copy of the sponsorship request form or ask a question about Metro's RTO sponsorship program, contact marne.duke@oregonmetro.gov. Funds initiatives that improve air quality, address community health issues and reduce auto congestion. Regional Travel Options sponsorships are designed to provide ancillary support to events, initiatives and programs, and provide Metro and partners with strategic marketing or outreach opportunities. Who is eligible? Nonprofit organizations, local governments and educational institutions within the Metro boundary can request a sponsorship. Metro sponsorship funds cannot be used to support political committees or campaigns, lobbying or for services which extend beyond the Metro boundary. What types of activities does RTO sponsor? Sponsorships are restricted to materials, events and activities that promote travel options as a core function. Examples: printing of maps or educational materials; transportation safety tools, such as lights, helmets or bike locks; light infrastructure, such as bike shelters, bike fix-it stations or bike parking; Program incentives or challenge prizes; and Events that promote or educate residents about travel options ($2,500 limit).

8. East Portland Reuse, Recycle & Clean-Up Funds: Available Now until May 15, 2018. Funding of up to $1000 per activity is available until the money is gone. Any East Portland community member is invited to apply for funding to clean up our neighborhoods, keep trash out of our landfill, and engage people in hands-on sustainability activities! Fill out this one page application and send it to David.Ashton@portlandoregon.gov. Find more details at www.eastportland.org/cleanups.

9. Compton Foundation Grants For Climate Change, Peace, and Reproductive Rights – Grants proposals by invitation based on inquiry: Send a letter asking if they might be interested in your project. The Compton Foundation supports work in climate change, peace and national security, and reproductive rights and justice. Within those core areas, the work must be a match with our transformative leadership and courageous storytelling approaches. The foundation is willing to support work that uses art to spark social change, whether that means directly supporting professional artists who are working toward social or environmental change, funding organizations that bridge artistic disciplines and activism, or groups exploring art as an organizing methodology. Projects and can be from a variety of artistic disciplines, including drama, film, and writing, although music and visual art are most likely to be prioritized.

10. Place-based InitiativesOngoingThe Kresge Foundation supports established Creative Placemaking practitioners that work in disinvested communities and seek to improve the bedrock conditions of low income people. Proposals are welcome from organizations that: Infuse creativity (arts, culture and community-engaged design) into comprehensive community development and urban planning practices; Build on a community’s assets and distinctive attributes, recognizing and highlighting narratives of place; Are cross-sector and cross-disciplinary – collaborations of multiple partners from different sectors (public/private) and disciplines (arts, health, environment, human services); and Take root in economically distressed communities and ensures that residents with low incomes contribute to, engage in, benefit from, and are empowered by activities.

11. Local SystemsOngoing. The Kresge Foundation is funding Creative Placemaking initiatives that challenge the norms and ways of working within city-wide systems, and support more adaptive practitioners. Proposals are welcome from organizations that: Infuse creativity (arts, culture and community-engaged design) into comprehensive community development and urban planning practices; Build on a community’s assets and distinctive attributes, recognizing and highlighting narratives of place; Are cross-sector and cross-disciplinary – collaborations of multiple partners from different sectors (public/private) and disciplines (arts, health, environment, human services); and Take root in economically distressed communities and ensures that residents with low incomes contribute to, engage in, benefit from, and are empowered by activities.

12. Public Works and Economic Adjustment Assistance Programs – Ongoing. The Economic Development Administration is soliciting applications from rural and urban areas to provide investments that support construction, non-construction, technical assistance, and revolving loan fund projects. EDA provides strategic investments on a competitive- merit-basis to support economic development, foster job creation, and attract private investment in economically distressed areas of the United States.

13. FY 2016 – FY 2019 EDA Planning Program and Local Technical Assistance Program – Ongoing The U.S. Economic Development Administration (EDA) announces general policies and application procedures for grant-based investments under the Planning and Local Technical Assistance programs. Under the Planning program, EDA assists eligible recipients in creating regional economic development plans designed to build capacity and guide the economic prosperity and resiliency of an area or region. As part of this program, EDA supports Partnership Planning investments to facilitate the development, implementation, revision, or replacement of Comprehensive Economic Development Strategies (CEDS), which articulate and prioritize the strategic economic goals of recipients’ respective regions.

14. The Small Projects and Community Events (SPACE) Program of the East Multnomah County Soil & Water Conservation District: Click on the underlined link to learn about grants of up to $2,000 to support conservation projects, conservation education, and community events that promote natural resource conservation in the Multnomah Soil & Water Conservation District. Eligible applicants include nonprofit organizations, educational institutions, government agencies, and Native American tribes. The types of projects/events that are eligible for SPACE Program funding include on-the-ground restoration or conservation projects, pollution prevention projects, education of youth and/or adults, and community events focused on improving the public’s understanding of natural resource conservation. Completed application forms are due on the 15th of every month. Guidelines and materials can be found here: http://emswcd.org/grants-and-cost-share/apply/space/

15. Native Plan Mini-Grant with City of Portland Bureau of Environmental Services Community Watershed Stewardship Program:  Ongoing. Mini-grants provide gift certificates for up to $500 for native plants to community groups or individuals that need seed money to help start or maintain projects beneficial to the local watershed. We accept and review applications for mini-grants at any time. The limit is one Mini-Grant per group per calendar year. These stewardship projects must bring together volunteers for an overall goal of enhancing water quality in Portland’s watersheds. Review the Mini-Grant application to verify that your project meets the necessary criteria. To apply, download the application form, print and fill it out and mail to: Esmerelda Sanchez, Stewardship Coordinator, Community Watershed Stewardship Program, City of Portland Environmental Services, 1120 SW 5th Avenue, Room 1000, Portland, OR 97204-1912. If you have any questions or need a copy of the application mailed to you, please contact Esmerelda Sanchez at 503-823-7917.

16. Oregon Education Opportunities- Department of Education: Closing Date: Varies. Various grants available that support educational opportunities including career and technical education, district collaboration, along with advanced placement programs to name a few.


17. Developers  Metro's Transit-Oriented Development Programhttp://www.oregonmetro.gov/tools-partners/grants-and-resources/transit-oriented-development-program Metro’s Transit-Oriented Development Program provides developers with financial incentives that enhance the economic feasibility of higher-density, mixed-use projects served by transit. The program's goal is to implement the region's 2040 Growth Concept through investments in walkable neighborhoods and station areas linked by transit. Contact Metro to determine eligibility

18. Single Family Housing Repair Loans & Grants in Oregon - Department of Agriculture: On-going. Also known as the Section 504 Home Repair program, this provides loans to very-low-income homeowners to repair, improve, or modernize their homes or provides grants to elderly very-low-income homeowners to remove health and safety hazards. Loans may be used to repair, improve or modernize homes or remove health and safety hazards. Grants must be used to remove health and safety hazards http://www.rd.usda.gov/files/fact-sheet/RD-Factsheet-RHS SFH504HomeRepair.pdf

19. Portland Brownfield Program – Accepting applications for these grants on a rolling basis until funds are exhausted. The Portland Brownfield Program is a free resource for property owners, developers, and community members who have questions or concerns about potentially contaminated land, including buying or selling property, regulatory process, available funding, gardening on urban sites, and environmental assessment. Bringing brownfields back into active use has many benefits: protecting water quality, decreasing vacancy, reducing hazards to human health and the environment, increasing the tax base, and providing new neighborhood amenities. The Brownfield Program currently administers two grants from the Environmental Protection Agency: Involve and benefit a diverse, broad group of people; A $400,000 grant to assess contamination on properties around the city, with a target area of East Portland; A $1 million grant to provide loan fund (RLF) for cleanup on private properties. There are three criteria for eligibility: The current property owner cannot be responsible for the contamination; The project must demonstrate financial need for funding; The proposed project must demonstrate community benefit, such as new jobs, new goods/services/amenities, reduction of a health hazard, or returning a long-vacant site to reuse. Click here to download the assessment application. For More InformationContact Jenn Bildersee at 503-823-7764.

20. County Opportunity Grants - Oregon Parks & Recreation Department HOUSING OPPORTUNITY: Closing Date: rolling basis. This grant is for Oregon counties to purchase land for campgrounds, to improve or plan camping areas, and other, similar purposes. The grants come from a portion of RV projects yearly since 1983. For more information, visit: http://www.oregon.gov/oprd/GRANTS/pages/county.aspx

21. Public Works and Economic Adjustment Assistance Programs – Ongoing at http://www.grants.gov/web/grants/view-opportunity.html?oppId=279842 . The Economic Development Administration is soliciting applications from rural and urban areas to provide investments that support construction, non-construction, technical assistance, and revolving loan fund projects. EDA provides strategic investments on a competitive- merit-basis to support economic development, foster job creation, and attract private investment in economically distressed areas of the United States.

22. Historic Parkrose Storefront Improvement Grants: There are no application deadlines, instead we will be reviewing grant applications on a monthly basis throughout the year. Grants will go to business and property owners within our service area (NE Sandy Blvd between 99th and 121st Ave). The goal of the storefront improvement grant program is to assist business and property owners in enhancing the visibility and appearance of their business. Examples of improvement projects covered by the grant include, but are not limited to, exterior paint, storefront lighting, signs, door/window replacement, and planters. Grant amounts range from $500-$4,000 and require a minimum dollar-for-dollar match. For information on applying for a storefront improvement grant, contact District Manager Mingus Mapps at mingus@historicparkrose.com.


23. METRO Natural Areas sponsorship opportunities: No specific deadline. Do you have an event, activity or project that aligns with Metro’s mission and goals?  Metro has limited sponsorship funds to benefit a diversity of residents and businesses, address inequalities that impact our communities and inspire inclusive and innovative solutions to challenges of making Portland area a great place for everyone.  Get more information here.

24. Economic Development Assistance Department of Commerce Programs: Closing Date: On-going. To provide investments that support construction, non-construction, technical assistance, and revolving loan fund projects under EDA’s Public Works and Economic Adjustment Assistance programs. Grants and cooperative agreements made under these programs are designed to leverage existing regional assets and support the implementation of economic development 7

strategies that advance new ideas and creative approaches to advance economic prosperity in distressed communities. http://www.grants.gov/web/grants/view-opportunity.html?oppId=279842

25. Common Council Foundation Grassroots Exchange Fund: GXF Application and Guidelineshttp://www.commoncounsel.org/Grant+Programs . GXF grants are distributed on a monthly cycle February through November (no grants are distributed in December and January). Applications must be submitted by the first Monday of the month. The program strives to meet three central goals: To strengthen the ability of community organizations to participate in public debates; To strengthen key cross-region and cross-sector movements; and To contribute to collaborative policy victories in the realms of social, environmental and economic justice. The first step in applying to the Grassroots Exchange Fund (GXF) is to thoroughly review the grant-making criteria and priorities in order to ensure that your organization is a good fit for the GXF grant program (this will save both your time and ours). Organizations that meet the eligibility and funding criteria are encouraged to submit the GXF Application Form.

26. Karma for Cara Foundation Micro-grants - Youth Changing the World: Closing Date: ongoing. The Karma for Cara Foundation is encouraging youth 18 and under to apply for funds between $250 and $1,000 to complete service projects in their communities. Whether it is turning a vacant lot into a community garden, rebuilding a school playground or helping senior citizens get their homes ready for winter, they want to hear what project you’re passionate about. For more information, visit: http://karmaforcara.org/get-involved/

27. Technical Assistance for Communities Affected by Brownfields – Rolling/Apply any time: https://gallery.mailchimp.com/f3b5536564762ab0a74bc4292/files/GWUSA_k6_Call_for_LOI.pdf . Groundwork USA is offering direct assistance, from experienced practitioners on a range of topics and strategies. An appropriate GWUSA staff member or consultant will be assigned to your community to provide consultation over a 12-month period, with possible extension of direct support into an additional year. Non-profit organizations, local government bodies and tribes whose communities are impacted by brownfields are all eligible to apply.

28.  EPA Grant Opportunities: Environmental Protection Agency: https://www.epa.gov/grants.

29. Northwest Health Foundations: Open Opportunities. Check out open funding, partnership and learning opportunities on our website. See what's available.

30. Healthy Housing and Neighborhoods Initiative – ongoing. The Kresge Foundation is working to advance place-based, community-driven efforts to promote health and remove barriers to opportunity for people in low-income neighborhoods. This is an open grant opportunity for organizations working to address: Policies, systems change and communication to connect health and housing; Policies that promote healthy housing and mitigate the impacts of substandard housing; and Innovative investments that connect community development, health and housing.

31. Accelerating Community-centered Approaches – ongoing. The Kresge Foundation helps speed the adoption of programs, practices and policies across health and supportive sectors that address the conditions that promote the health of communities. Proposals are welcome from organizations that: Take advantage of the opportunities within health reform to employ new models of shared resources and accountability for improving population health; Systematically incentivize and reward primary prevention – for example, by reinvesting downstream health care savings in effective community prevention; Share and use data from multiple sectors to inform strategies, measure progress and refine interventions; Have the potential to inform practice and policy more broadly; Demonstrate community engagement and health equity. 

32. Affordable Commercial Tenanting Affordable Commercial Tenanting Program: First-come first-serve review process until all spaces are filled. Tenants may also qualify for a contribution toward tenant improvement build-out in the form of a Prosper Portland grant. For more information visit the program page or contact program manager Alison Wicks: WicksA@ProsperPortland.us and 503-823-3949.

Prosper Portland has created the Commercial Affordability Tenanting Program to address a recent dramatic increase in retail rents and decrease in vacancy rates in the city of Portland. The program will be available this summer at Lents Town Center in SE Portland, offering access and assistance to qualified businesses in the form of an equitable application process, reduced rent, tenant improvement contributions and technical assistance. The Affordable Commercial Tenanting Program in Lents Town Center includes: 9101 SE Foster and Oliver Station (West).


JOBS (26)

1. West Multnomah Soil & Water Conservation District FIELD and GIS INTERNSHIP: Due Friday, February 16, 2018 by 5:00 pm.  Two positions available: approximately 6 months (April– Sept.). Pays $15 per hour with an average of 20 hours per week. Contact Randi Razalenti at hiring@wmswcd.org or call (503) 238-4775, ext. 100 to get position description and application requirements.

2. ROSE CDC Resident Assets Coordinator:  A completed application is due by Monday February 19th. More about the position can be found here: https://rosecdc.org/wp-content/uploads/2018/01/RA-coordinator-2018-02.pdf . ROSE Application and Job Description. The purpose of the Resident Assets program is to promote healthy families, successful children, resident leaders, and communities of opportunity for ROSE residents. The Resident Assets Coordinators use an asset-based community development approach to support residents of ROSE affordable housing, with an emphasis on equity and inclusion. This position is full-time (30-40 hours per week), permanent and non-exempt.

3. African American Alliance for Homeownership Housing Counselor: No due date. Full time position, however we will consider ½ time hours. $20+ per hour. Responsible for providing pre-purchase counseling to first-time homebuyers, and facilitates homebuyer education classes, as needed. Additional counseling may include current homeowners who are in danger of losing their home. The Counselor evaluates the financial situation and homeownership goals for all program participants in order to provide the appropriate resources and support. A minimum of a high school diploma or GED is required. College degree and/or housing counseling certification is preferred. An equivalent of education and experience to successfully perform the essential duties of the job will be considered. Send resume to cheryl@aaah.org or AAAH, 825 NE 20th Avenue, Suite 225, Portland 97232.

4. Afterschool Alliance Seeks STEM VISTA: Accepting applications until February 25, 2018. A detailed description of the position can be found here. Oregon's Statewide Network of Regional STEM Hubs, in partnership with the Afterschool Alliance and the STEM Funders Network, is embarking on expanding STEM education opportunities offered in informal learning spaces.

5. Wisdom Workforce Development Internship Program Spring 2018 Applications: Our Wisdom Workforce Development Internship Program will launch another season with applications due by February 27th, 2018. Our internship program provides a monthly stipend (3 months $15 per hour), and training in environmental assessment, habitat restoration and career pathway planning for Native American adults.

Apply at: http://www.wisdomoftheelders.org/wp-content/uploads/2017/02/WWD_Applic_Online.pdf

6. Hispanic Metropolitan Chamber of Commerce Business Development Coordinators: Each member of the team works to continuously develop their understanding of emerging entrepreneurs and existing business owners to discover client needs and design a strategy for delivering high-quality advising and support around each client’s entrepreneurial journey. Bilingual-bicultural candidates are strongly encouraged to apply. Please click below to see the job listing! 

Apply Now!

7East Portland Neighbors (EPN) Contracted Administrative Manager: Opening of this position will be from February 1 to February 28, 2018. To find out more about us visit: http://www.eastportland.org/EPN. East Portland Neighbors a small 501 (c3) is seeking a person to work approximately  4 hours each week (open to scheduling needs) on Wednesday afternoon into early evening, to perform various functions as described below. Compensation will be between $30 - $40 per hour in a yearly contract. Send your resume that states that you meet the requirements, Letter of Interest, Two Letters of Recommendation with contact information, to: East Portland Neighbors 1017 NE 117th Avenue, Portland, OR 97220.  Do not visit site or call.  Only applications received on paper will be considered.

8. Office of Neighborhood Involvement Livability Program Coordinator Temporary Appointment: Open until filledDevelop, plan, implement, evaluate and provide oversight for the following programs at ONI: Graffiti Abatement, Noise Control, Neighbor Mediation and Facilitation, and Liquor Licensing. If interested, contact Suk RheeDirector Office of Neighborhood: 503-823-4134 (office), 503-823-2770 (mobile), or suk.rhee@portlandoregon.govhttp://www.portlandoregon.gov/oni

9. City of Portland (Click this link to view all open positions) http://agency.governmentjobs.com/portlandor/default.cfm:

Strategic Projects Manager (Principal Management Analyst) - Closing Date:  2/16/18

Engineering Associate-Structural - Closing Date:  2/19/18

Maintenance Construction & Operations Division Mgr - Closing Date:  2/19/18

Business Systems Analyst (Limited Term) - Closing Date:  2/23/18 after 75 completed applications have been received, whichever comes first.

Sr. Engineering Associate – Mechanical - Closing Date:  2/26/18

Accessible Service Coordinator (Regulatory Program Administrator) - Closing Date:  2/26/18 or after 100 completed applications have been received, whichever comes first.

Electrical Inspector - Closing Date: 3/05/18

People Services Coordinator (Management Assistant) Limited Term - Closing Date: 3/05/18

Senior Business Systems Analyst - Closing Date: 3/05/18  

Senior Database Administrator (Information Systems Technical Analyst VI) - Closing Date: 3/05/18

Strategic Communications Manager (Principal Management Analyst) - Closing Date: 3/05/18

Inspector - Closing Date: 3/09/18 or after 100 completed applications have been received, whichever comes first.

Senior Engineer - Water - Closing Day: 3/12/18

Seasonal Maintenance Worker - Closing Date: 5/31/18 (This recruitment will remain open for 3 months.  Applications will be reviewed periodically every couple of weeks.)

Tree Commercial Plans Examiner (Open Continuous)

Plumbing Inspector (Open Continuous) - Revised – Deadline: 3/5/2018 

Commercial Plans Examiner (Open Continuous)- Closing Date: 04/30/18

Police Officer - Closing Date:  5/31/18 (Applications will be batched 4 times to generate eligible lists.  Batch dates:  01/19/18, 03/02/18, 04/13/18 & 06/01/18)

Recreation Summer Employment (Recreation Leader – PT – Seasonal) - Closing Date 6/15/18

Portland Parks & Recreation (PP&R) Lifeguards, Swim Instructors and Water Fitness Instructors: Year-round and/or seasonal work, $11.25 - $14.00 per hour, a positive working environment, flexible hours, opportunity for advancement and an employee recognition program. Training is required as part of the application process for potential employees. But fear not: courses for those interested in becoming a PP&R lifeguard or swim instructor are available through Portland Parks & Recreation. Lifeguard candidates must be strong swimmers 15 years or older, and complete a four-day training. For more information regarding training courses and employment opportunities or to request an employment application call Portland Parks & Recreation Aquatics at 503-823-5130.

Building Inspector II – Deadline:  Open Continuous

Engineering Associate - Civil:  Open Continuous

Engineering Associate - Civil:  Open Continuous

Engineering Technician II:  Open Continuous

Engineering Technician III:  Open Continuous (This recruitment will close after 6 months or when 300 applicants are placed on the Eligible List)

Engineer – Civil:  Open ContinuousCurrent vacancies exist in the Bureau of Environmental Services (BES) and the Portland Bureau of Transportation (PBOT). The eligible list may also be used to fill future vacancies in bureaus using this classification (Water, BES and PBOT)

How To Apply For City of Portland Jobs: Interested in applying to one of the positions opening this week? Come to our “How to Apply” class to learn about the application and evaluation process for the City of Portland: February 13, 2018. For current city employees, please visit CityLearner to sign up for the course. For non-city employees, please email: loan.tran@portlandoregon.gov to register.

10. Portland Parks and Recreation Available Jobs Board: Click in the following underlined link: http://www.pdxparks.org/job_board/output/db/jobs_List.asp

11Mac’s Job List: Click on the following underlined link: https://www.macslist.org/

12. Multnomah County Jobs: https://www.governmentjobs.com/careers/multnomah

Health Department Lead Screening Clinic Tester: Open Until Filled: Job #6046-11

13. Zenger Farms: Check out our Open Positions . 

14. David Douglas School District Bus Drivers, Part Time Custodians, and Substitute Cooks: https://www.ddouglas.k12.or.us/2016/08/now-hiring/

15. Latino Network: Check out all our open jobs at: www.latnet.org/jobs

16. Rad Jobs PDX.

17. Housing Oregon: See all open jobs on our website! https://housingoregon.org/job-listings/

18. Ride Connection Job List: http://www.rideconnection.org/ride/AboutUs/Careers.aspx

19. POIC +RAHS Jobs Link: http://www.portlandoic.org/contact/careers/

20. The Rebuilding Center: http://www.rebuildingcenter.org/careers/

21. Housing Oregon List of Available Jobs: https://housingoregon.org/job-listings/