2021 Grant Deadline

Application Due Date

Wednesday, November 25, 2020

by 11:59 PM


Grant Process

Grants are awarded through a competitive process. The application includes a narrative and supporting documents.  Grant applications are reviewed and scored by a community-based EPAP Grant Review Committee based on the criteria listed in the application package. Grant funding is approved through consensus at the EPAP General Meeting. The Portland City Council makes the final decision.


Each application is scored individually using the Scoring Criteria included in the application packet. These items are a priority for the Grants Review Committee.  Applicants may be contacted during the review process for additional information and/or to explore potential partnership opportunities.


General Grant Application Checklist
Note: The Grants Review Committee will not consider any additional items or documents beyond this list.
Format: The Proposal Narrative must be in 12-point font; with margins no less than 1-inch; single spaced; in any language; and up to three (3) pages max. All additional supporting documents can be added as a separate attachment. 
A Full Application MUST include the following: 
o Application Cover Page: with all relevant information filled in. You are welcome to type this information on a separate sheet or include all relevant information in a cover sheet.   
o Proposal Narrative: Responds to the questions and requested information describing your project in detail. This section must not exceed 3 pages max in the format descripted above. 
o Signed Statement of Partnership: Application submission includes a completed and signed form for each identified partner (included in this application packet). 
o Project Budget: Complete project budget form using the form provided or in a format with all the information requested. Make sure that the budget reflects the narrative and refers to matching funds. See “Project Budget Guide for reference. 
o Proof of IRS 501(c) 3 or State Business License
o Interim/partial EPAP grant funded project evaluation ONLY if you received an EPAP grant in the prior year and have not submitted a final evaluation. 
Submission-application must be received by November 25, 2020 at 11:59 PM by either: 
o Send electronic documents to: jr.lilly@portlandoregon.gov (you are encouraged to phone 503-823-8027 to verify that your email was received). 
o Or provide eight (8) double-sided hard copies to the East Portland Action Plan Office at 1017 NE 117th Ave., Portland, OR 97220. Please note this office is NOT open currently, you can leave the copies in the mail slot. 

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