East Portland Land Use & Transportation Committee Meeting

East Portland Land Use & Transportation Committee


Time and Date:

Wednesday, January 19, 2022

6:30 PM – 8:30 PM


Zoom Meeting Link:



Meeting ID: 824 6820 4703

Passcode: EPAP


Call-In Option:

Dial (346) 248-7799, Enter 82468204703# *153121#

Dial (669) 900-9128, Enter 82468204703# *153121#


Meeting Details:

Purpose: Responsible for all types of assistance to East Portland Community Office Neighborhood Associations with regard to land use and transportation issues, information, support, and advice. The East Portland Land Use and Transportation Committee was established as a longstanding, independent committee, which EPAP refers to for transportation and land use issues.


January 19, 2022


6:30 PM                  Welcome and Introductions

6:45 PM                  Agenda Process Discussion

                               Items of Interests for the agenda

                               a)       Process begins with an email to Interim Chair

                                          This must be an email rather than via phone (I do not get text)

                               b)       Review of any existing item(s) with any new items spaced into the appropriate agenda month

                               c)       Agenda is in final draft mode and sent out with the meeting announcement

                               Item(s) and/or speaker(s) that may be of interest but need further discussion

7:15 PM                  Discussion on the make up of this committee as a self-

                               selected interest group rather than designated

                               representatives of any specific entity.

7:30 PM                  How to let people know that every is welcome based

                               on interest in land use and transportation.

7:40 PM                  Should we try to manage the meetings to 1.5 hours rather

                               than 2 hours?  While there is only a 30-minute difference, for

                               someone who has been at work since before 8 AM, the

                               difference is significant.  If we need to go for 2 hours, we

                               can make an announcement when we send out the notice.

8:00 PM                  Adjourned



Held every 3rd Wednesday of each month

This gathering is open to the public.

Language Interpretation available upon request (we ask for one-week notice)


For more information and request, please contact:

JR Lilly, EPAP Advocate


(503) 823-8027

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