Identify target areas for holding community organizing activities such as commercial nodes or neighborhoods focal points such as schools, parks or community centers.


In the early building of the community garden we had a youth group from Idaho come and help build some of our raised beds as a community service project. We added three raised beds this year and the last one to go in was worked on by our joined youth groups from Parkrose United Methodist and Parkrose Community United Church of Christ. These youth worked together in the garden and produced a number of tomatoes plants from their raised bed and made a number of canned items.
Russian Speaking Network identified Russian-speaking community gathering centers such as local community churches and apartment complexes. These are places where we mostly found people to recruit for the Crime Prevention workshops, as well as organized classes, such as ESL, Parks and Recs announcements. We also distributed valuable resources at these places.
The Eastminster and Parkrose UCC congregations have been devoted to making their large property at NE 125th and Halsey into a hub for community organizing. The two initiatives which have facilitated this most are hosting a homeless shelter and creating the community garden. Grow Portland partnered with the congregations and took the lead on developing the garden including raising over $40,000 for its construction. Grow Portland hosted two volunteer work days that brought over twenty gardeners together. Gardeners provided 2,500 pound of food local charities including Snowcap. The garden is a source of pride and interest for garden participants and those who utilize Parkrose UCC for social or religious services.
The Rosewood Initiative organizes community activities at and around the area of SE 162nd Ave and Stark. The commercial center at this intersection struggles to be the safe and vibrant place the community needs it to be. We have identified this as the focal point for The Rosewood Initiative's community organizing and development activities.
Focal areas for organizing identified on a project by project basis. EPAP actively worked with the Portland Development Commission to establish four Neighborhood Prosperity Initiative areas in East Portland. These areas are to suppliment the Gateway and Lents commercial nodes as main street areas. EPAP member were also influencial in developing the Outer Powell Blvd. Conceptual Design Plan that establishes improvement to Powell Blvd in alignment with main street infrastructure development. EPAP has created an East Portland facilities list that is frequently requested and utilized city-wide. EPAP is working with the Gateway Education/Economic Development Center to position Gateway as a true Regional Center as it is stipualted to be in the METRO 2040 Plan.
Parkrose Heights Association of Neighbors Hazelwood Hydropark Kiosk project has created a community gathering space for those people living and working between Glisan and Halsey. This kiosk is meant to not only serve this area but to create a bridge to the nearby Halsey area which is being upgraded and improved.

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