Explore ways to balance regional affordable housing supply and promote fair share for different parts of Portland.


Convening coalition of public health and social justice grassroots advocacy organizations to explore repealing prohibition on mandatory inclusionary zoning policies, which would allow local jurisdictions (i.e. Portland and Gresham) to require the integration of affordable housing within new market-rate development, ensuring mixed-income housing dispersed equitably throughout communities and transit corridors.
Home Forward (fka Housing Authority of Portland) has initiatied a number of programs designed to: (1) encourge landlords in high opportunity areas to accept Home Forward Section 8 voucher clients; (2) raise payment standards in certain areas of the county in order to make it more feasible for a Section 8 client to access higher priced neighborhoods; (3) explore erasure of jurisdictional boundaries through a pilot program with the Housing Authority of Clackamas County which will allow voucher holders from either jurisdiction to move into the other's county while retaining the voucher issued by the originating Authority, thus affording clients greater choice in housing locations.

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