Annual review of agency budgets vis a vis EPAP priorities.

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EPAP Strategies


Budget trainings and partnership events are offered and can be tailored to a community’s needs and interests. The trainings help educate participants on the City’s budget process and how to engage in that process. The partnership events are opportunities to provide input during the budget development process.
Several EPAP members have ongoing positions on several City of Portland budget advisory committees: Katie Larsell (Argay resident), on the Mayor's City-wide budget committee since 2010 David Hampsten (Hazelwood board member), on the PBOT budget advisory committee since December 2009 (& Linda Bauer as alternate) Tom Lewis (Centennial president), on the ONI budget advisory committee since 2010 In addition, Dr. Karen Gray, Superintendent of Parkrose Public Schools, is on the City of Portland Planning & Sustainability Commission, since 2010.