Require incorporation of environmental sustainability practices for all projects receiving public funding.

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In July 2013, Wisdom of the Elders, Inc. (Wisdom) piloted our first Summer Field Science Camp for 20 Native American and other underserved youths from NAYA. The camp included an afternoon of service learning at Wisdom Gardens with about 40 participants from the summer camp (20), including PSU Capstone (10-15), NAYA (3), Wisdom (3), Ecotrust (2), and Metro (1). Participants amended soil, pulled and removed sod and invasive plant species, and planted 12 blueberry plants, 30 strawberry starts and 80 camas bulbs on site. In July 2014, we held our second Summer Field Science Camp for 16 Native American youth from NAYA. Students completed service learning at Wisdom Gardens two afternoons, removing invasive Himalaya blackberry roots, Morning Glory and English ivy and planted a woodland understory bed with, 10 ferns, 4 bearberry, 2 snowberries, 1 twinberry, and 2 chokecherry trees. Students also learned about rain gardens and bio-swales and how they protect our watershed. They helped to build a rain garden with three rain barrels, and planted camas bulbs, 4 prairie blankets, and 4 sledge rushes. They helped to plant our upper bio-swale by adding 7 salmon berry plants.

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