Explore partnership opportunities to create and sustain "community-center" activities at key schools.


David Douglas was used as a meeting space for the mentorship group in the Building Cultural Bridges video project, and we met there approximately eight times over the course of a year. We attended the Parks and Recreation community citizenship class at the East Portland Community and taped the ceremony, as well as interviewed Amanda Fritz. We also attended the International Soccer Tournament and filmed the participants. By basing our community education component within the schools, and bringing the students into community spaces, we cross-pollinated community members with both the schools and parks in East Portland.
David Douglas School District has chosen to purchase a dual “Stationary Cycler” available from Landscape Structures, as they will be able to be utilized by all children, including children in wheelchairs. These cyclers will also be easily added to our existing playground equipment and we have worked with our District facilities department to choose equipment that meets the highest certifications and safety standards.