A Committee, Subcommittee, and Representative structure serves the operational functionality of the EPAP and implementation of the Action Plan. 

Committees and Subcommittees

The purpose of a Committee is to provide operational service to the EPAP; the purpose of a Subcommittee is to carry out specific strategies and action items of the Action Plan by providing an issue-related forum for organizing action:

  • Committees and Subcommittees will be established by consensus of the EPAP.
  • All meetings are open to the public and will be announced in advance on the EPAP web site calendar: .
  • Each Committee and Subcommittee will have open participation, but must have at least one active person who is a Participation Agreement signing member of the EPAP.
  • Committees and Subcommittees will strive for sustainability by establishing a culture that is equally invested in Relationships, Process, and Results.
  • Committees and Subcommittees are encouraged to embrace a co-chair model that consciously brings together individuals with the sustainable strengths mentioned above.
  • Committees and Subcommittees will submit brief monthly reports to the EPAP Advocate one week prior to the monthly meeting. A report form will be provided and will include the following:
  •  Identification of the EPAP item being addressed by the Committee or Subcommittee
  •  Articulation of the Committee or Subcommittee goal
  • Statement of new decisions being made
  •  Identification of Committee or Subcommittee attendees
  •  Request for input or action from the EPAP.