Action Plan Updates

The East Portland Action Plan is a living document when you make progress towards addressing Action Plan items and share that progress with the community.

Let's celebrate what you have done and are doing to make positive changes in East Portland by adding your 'update' to the appropriate action item. Read about the process below:

  • Click on the category best related to what you are doing (e.g. Housing and Development Policy, Commercial and Mixed Use, Transportation…)
  • Look at the subject area titles (e.g. HD.1 Improve the design and quality of new housing structures, CM.2 Promote vital and healthy multi-use commercial areas, T.6 Improve connectivity in East Portland…)
  • Read the specific Action items to find where the contribution you are making affects the Action Plan (e.g. HD.1.1 Explore design tools and update Community Design standards tailored to East Portland development styles and neighborhoods.)
  • Click on the “Read Updates” to learn what others are doing to implement Action items
  • Add to the Action Plan updates by clicking on  “Add an Update” to share information. You will need to provide your name and email address, along with information about your progress  (e.g. as short as "Done" and as long as explaining step-by-step of the work you have done so far -- it is up to you). Unfortunately, due to large numbers of offensive spam, your update will need to be approved by the web-site administrator prior to public posting. This review and approval will be done as soon as possible.

The East Portland Action Plan group continues to meet to provide “leadership and guidance to public agencies and other entities on how to strategically address community-identified issues and allocate resources to improve livability for neighborhoods in the East Portland Neighborhood Office coalition area.”

Join us. We meet to organize to make the Action Plan real every fourth (4th) Wednesday of the month at 6:30 PM in the David Douglas School District Office Board Room at 1500 SE 130th Ave. (130th at SE Marked between Division and Stark). Dinner is provided and with one-week notice, childcare and language interpretation will be arranged. Lore Wintergreen, EPAP Advocate can be reached at: 503.823.4035 or